January 1, 2022 at 12:00 AM CT

Applicable to all states except NC.

Bind supplement - 2022 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Bind administers an innovative personalized health plan backed by UnitedHealthcare. It features no deductible and no coinsurance, broad network choices, upfront pricing and flexible coverage that can be activated during the year for less common, plannable treatments.

We’re here to help health care professionals understand what is unique about the plan and how they can prepare for Bind members and claims. You will find resources and support services below to help reduce administrative burdens and avoid confusion on everything from eligibility and claims processing to payment.

Applicability of this supplement

You are subject to both the main guide and this supplement. This supplement controls if it conflicts with information in the main guide. If there are additional protocols, policies or procedures online, you will be directed to that location. Refer to the Bind Provider Information Guide at > Bind Administrative Guide for anything not found in this supplement.