Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage (NOMNC) - Chapter 11, 2022 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

You must deliver required notice to members at least 2 calendar days before termination of skilled nursing care, home health care or comprehensive rehabilitation facility services. If the member’s services are expected to be fewer than 2 calendar days in duration, the notice should be delivered at the time of admission, or commencement of services in a non-institutional setting. In a non-institutional setting, if the span of time between services exceeds 2 calendar days, the notice should be given no later than the next to last time services are furnished.

Delivery of notice is valid only upon signature and date of member or their authorized representative if the member is incompetent. You must use the most current version of the standard CMS-approved notice entitled, “Notice of Medicare Non- Coverage” (NOMNC).

The standardized form and instructions regarding the NOMC may be found on the CMS website at > Medicare > Beneficiary Notices Initiative (BNI) > MA ED Notices or contact your Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for information. There can be no modification of this text and all required elements must be present, including but not limited to instructions on how to contact the QIO and the member’s MA benefit plan.

Any appeals of such service terminations are called “fast track” appeals and are reviewed by the QIO. You must provide requested records and documentation to us or the QIO, as requested, no later than by close of calendar day of the day that you are notified by us or the QIO if the member has requested a fast track appeal. This includes weekends and holidays.