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The General UnitedHealthcare Plan Directory allows you to search for doctors, clinics and hospitals by selecting from the UnitedHealthcare family of health plans offered. This directory includes care providers who serve our Commercial, Medicaid / Community Plan and Medicare members.

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Need to Update Your Demographic Information?

The My Practice Profile tool in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal lets you view, update and attest to the care provider demographic information UnitedHealthcare members see for your organization. Use the app to make demographic changes just one time, in one place – and get those updates into our systems more quickly.

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Specialty Directories and Tools

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Find Dental Providers by State, Network or Location

Search the UnitedHealthcare NexusACO Care Provider Directory to locate participating physicians, hospitals and health care professionals. In addition, you can use the directory to identify your practice’s tiered status for members with a NexusACO tiered benefit plan.

For more information on NexusACO products:

Powerful health resources, personalized support services. Live and Work Well is here to help you and those you care about find the balance, support and care you need to live the healthiest life possible.

Optum's Centers of Excellence networks are the gold standard in complex health care. Our original network, the Optum Transplant Centers of Excellence network, was developed in 1986 and has grown to be the largest network of its kind in the world, managing more than 14,000 transplant referrals in 2013. Today, we offer products and services that promote safe, successful and cost-effective treatment options for many other complex medical conditions, including cancer, congenital heart disease, ventricular assist devices, chronic kidney disease, bariatric surgery and infertility.

Find a pharmacy by address or ZIP code search. The Optum RxPharmacy Locator can provide results for Retail 90-Day, Home Delivery, Long-Term Care, Open 24 Hours and more.

Search for a pharmacy in the OptumRx network.

Identify network ancillary care providers for UnitedHealthcare of California SignatureValue® and UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage HMO members. These listings are updated monthly.

Select the UnitedHealthcare of California Ancillary Care Provider Referral Directory of Your Choice.

Find commercial medical, vision, dental and behavioral health providers based on plan and provider type within a geographic area for UnitedHealthcare West.

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