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Diabetic Self-Management Education

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio is excited to announce that Diabetic Self-Management Education (DSME) will be a reimbursable service for our members starting Oct. 15, 2020.

Guided by evidenced-based standards, DSME is led by a diabetes educator and gives patients the skills and tools:

  • to self-manage their diabetes by taking an individualized approach
  • to eat healthy
  • to be physically active
  • to monitor blood sugar levels
  • to take medication
  • to problem solve
  • to reduce risk for other health conditions
  • to cope with the emotional side of diabetes
  • to improve health and quality of life

DSME benefits include lower A1C levels, prevention or reduction of diabetes complications, improved quality of life and lowered medical expenses.

Coverage criteria and limits for this service will follow UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Advantage coverage policy for the same service – using the same criteria and codes for billing and reimbursement.