Maternity Support for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Members

Our programs provide UnitedHealthcare Community Plan members with education, resources and individualized support to help members focus on a healthy pregnancy and birth. These programs are available to members at no extra cost. Incentives may be available* for care providers and members who participate in the programs.

Maternity Support Programs

The earlier in the pregnancy we can connect members with the resources and programs they can use, the more time the member has to develop healthy behaviors and get the preventive care they need.

We’ve designed this set of programs to encourage behaviors that can help improve the overall health for expectant mothers, new mothers and their newborns. These programs can also support your plans of care and help you address open care opportunities to meet quality care standards.

  • Healthy First Steps™ (HFS) is a program for expectant mothers that includes access to resources, educational opportunities and provides care management support from a multidisciplinary team to help address medical, social and behavioral needs.
  • Healthy First Steps rewards may be available to members when they go to their scheduled doctor appointments. Healthy First Steps rewards are available in most states. Members can check their eligibility and get health tips and other resources at
  • text4baby offers text message reminders to pregnant and new mothers about upcoming appointments along with quizzes, health and safety tips. Members can visit

Start by Submitting the Notification of Pregnancy Form

You can help us identify and connect with pregnant members by filling out and submitting your state’s notification of pregnancy form. Fax the completed form to us at 877-353-6913.

Care Provider Incentive Opportunities*

We offer an incentive for care providers in certain states.* Care providers in states with an incentive program are eligible for up to $50 per pregnancy when they submit the notification of pregnancy form to us.

Find Your State’s Notification of Pregnancy Form

*Not available in all states. The notification of pregnancy care provider incentive programs are available only in: Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Only one notification of pregnancy form incentive is allowed for each member’s pregnancy. For additional information about these incentives, please contact your Clinical Practice Consultant. Incentive amount may change at any time.